A t-shirt that wears two people: would you wear it?

With this simple idea the advertisers Kiko Kislansky and Zé Pimenta created the Euzaria movement. Based on the spirit of conscious capitalism, the brand transforms each shirt sold in a donation to someone who needs it – 1 Purchase = 2 beneficees.

Zé e Kiko

Zé and Kiko

Even before we had our blog, we already admired the design of these bahians and profession colleagues. And I’m very pleased to be able to broadcast them so that more and more people around the world get inspired, share and become a part of this movement.

The best part of it is that you get a high quality product, craft production and wears a concept that makes a difference in society.


I particularly enjoyed both the concept and the prints. As soon as possible I will guarantee mine!

Visit www.euzaria.com.br and wear this idea as well. 🙂


E você, o que é que achou?

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