What if someone created a goodwill track?

29 jun

What if someone created a goodwill track?

Of course it is fantastic to travel with routes well defined and meeting new culture and places. But wouldn’t it be more granting be letting a positive impact on our path?

Welcome to Bem Trilhado, an itinerant volunteering project performed by the couple of advertisers Luma Pinto and Eduardo Melo.

In a brief way, let us tell you how all this started and why we’ve decided we would not be  only travelling to make a jar of places, insted, we will be meeting people and stories, making friends.

Feeling that, we resolved to follow this travel model. We wanted this trip anyway, but we chose to make a difference in a person’s life wherever we go.


How does it work?

For you to understand well, it works like this: we offer our abilities with Communication, Marketing and Music to people who need them. The idea is to develop communities in American countries, through educational, sportive, musical, creative activities or other situation that for casuality cross our track and we can help.

Get to know here all the actions we have already accomplished and follow everything that comes up during the project. In the end, we will release a map with the good actions track for anyone that wants to take the same path. =)



Why to take this track?

It will be a long way and we still don’t know for sure if we’re going to go to all communities and countries we wish. We always take off with little financial resources, with no governmental or private support, having only a lot of strenght and positive attitude inside the backpack.

We hope to find a lot of inspiration  and partnership so the project can go on for longer. We still believe that investing in the good things generates the best profits. That’s why we want you to follow us!

If you want to be close and give a hand, look here how you can be a part of it!

Like, share, comment and give that smart tip. We will be very happy! =D

by Eduardo Melo

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